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Money Saver

HiArc has been designed not only to earn you meaningful use incentives, but to save you money by improving your efficiency and speed and giving you more time for more appointments

Benefits of HiArc EHR

Spend your time the way you want with HiArcís dictation and transcription feature. Instead of typing in patient information by hand or selecting from templates, simply dictate your notes. Your dictation will automatically either be sent to our team of language specialists who have been working in the medical dictation field for over 15 years, or to your existing transcription company and will automatically be added to your patient notes.

Options for input in EHR system

With our unique combination of convention typed input, extensive clinical templates, and dictation in the EHR you are free to use any feature that will help you work fast. Populate normals with our templates, and dictate the time-consuming abnormals.

EHR system with Intuitive interface

Our HiArc EHR system has been refined and built from the ground up on a solid foundation. HiArc is intuitive user-friendly, stable, fast, and ready to help you work most effectively and efficiently.

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