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Interoperability in EHR

Interfacing becomes convenient in Electronic Health Record

One of the main benefits of adopting an EHR is the standardization of records. By using
HiArc EHR,
you can be assured that your practice can easily interface with other practices using web-based EHR systems. What results is more efficiency, less medical overlap, improved patient care and coordination, and fewer expenses for unnecessary procedures.

Our EHR implementation allows maximum interoperability with usage of HL7, X12, CDA, CCD, Fax, and CCR technologies – helping providers make timely clinical decisions.

Standardized medical records

In 1904, the Great Baltimore Fire broke out and razed over 1,500 buildings. Thousands of firefighters arrived to fight the blaze, but were unable to help because their hose couplings did not fit on Baltimore’s fire hydrants. Because of a lack of standardization for fire hydrants, millions of dollars of destruction occurred.

Standardized medical records will save lives. By creating a uniform standard for medical records, care and patient services between medical service providers will be coordinated, reducing unnecessary procedures, saving money, and safeguarding against medical errors.

Patient Medical Care

Patients can feel in control of their medical care with their own patient portal through
HiArc EHR. With HiArc, patients are able to take their care into their own hands with access to their medical records, medication information, scheduled appointments, and other information.

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