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Flexible HiArc Electronic Health Record

HiArc EHR provides flexible future

The EHR system has been designed and built upon the newest Federated Electronic Health Record requirements and regulations. What this means is that HiArc is built on a stronger foundation than our competitors who have been around for longer.

We know that no two practices or professionals are alike. HiArcís EHR development on the newest technology also allows us to customize your HiArc experience. Our IT professionals are able to specifically tailor HiArc to suit you and your practiceís needs.

Free updates and support

Our web-based EHR is fully supported and will deliver updates at no extra fee. Other
EHR companies will charge their users for updates to stay current, but we at HiArc know how important it is to keep up with rapidly changing rules and regulation and are happy to deliver updates and tech support at no extra cost.

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