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Convenient and Easily Accessible

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HiArc EHR – Convenient and Easily Accessible
HiArc EHR is software as a service (SaaS), which means that it is entirely web-based with cloud storage.

What SaaS means for you:
*No software installations
*No servers or hardware to buy or maintain
*No IT staff to employ

What SaaS means for you:
Our HIPAA compliant EHR is entirely cross-platform and available on all operating systems and browsers including:

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Other Electronic Health Record vendors force users to pay extensive fees for initial hardware setup and sign lengthy contracts that cost thousands. “Free” EHR services are ad-supported, and are able to stay profitable by selling anonymized patient data for targeted ads.

Our HiArc Electronic Health Record is entering the market at a crucial time as stimulus incentives begin to go out. What this means for you is that HiArc has been built on a
rock-solid foundation. Other Electronic Health Record companies tout their long history, but these systems had to be hastily updated to conform to new standards, leaving them bloated and clunky. idn poker

Efficient EHR
HiArc Electronic Health Record was designed with the new Federal EHR system standards in mind and is stable and streamlined. What’s more – we offer unlimited support online, over the phone, or through email – all for no extra cost. HiArc’s support team is here to help you get efficient.

EHR system-Accessible anywhere
All you need to use HiArc EHR is an internet connection. Each HiArc user will have their own separate, safe, and secure url to access their EHR. HiArc can be used from anywhere, anytime, allowing you to access crucial information away from the office or on the go.