Web-Based EHR Software

HiArc is a high-powered web-based Electronic Health Record Software designed to improve your practice’s efficiency and save you time, hassle, and money. HiArc is the most powerful and easy-to-use EHR in the market and is guaranteed to earn you meaningful use EHR incentives and optimize your workflow. EHR is the most modern concept of digitized format of systematic collection of electronic health information about individual patients or populations.

HiArc Electronic Health Record software was developed by a team of experienced software engineers and medical experts, creating a feature-rich, innovative system that will be an asset to medical providers. With our proven track record of success, we have established a reputation of stability and reliability. Our fine-tuned EHR system along with our highly qualified, well-trained, innovative and experienced supporting staff will help medical professionals stay focused and productive.
Innovative Health Record
HiArc EHR System offers a fully integrated dictation and transcription feature at no extra cost. No more filling in patient charts – just dictate your notes and a team of expert transcriptionists will automatically fill in all the information.
EHR Meaningful Use
HiArc EHR is web-based and has been built from the ground up to satisfy Meaningful Use objectives and earn you money.
HiArc EHR is Affordable
Other Electronic Health Record vendors force users to pay extensive fees for initial hardware setup and sign lengthy contracts that cost thousands. “Free” EHR services are
Convenient & Easy accessible
HiArc is specially designed to be the easiest, most intuitive EHR on the market. With HiArc there are no installations, you don’t have to maintain any costly servers, and you can work from anywhere.
Powerful EHR
Not only does HiArc chart patient data and earn you Meaningful Use incentives, but it also handles your workflow, scheduling, and e-Rxs.
Money Saver
HiArc EHR has been designed not only to earn you meaningful use incentives, but to save you money by improving your efficiency and speed and giving you more time for more appointments
Flexible Electronic Health Record
The HiArc EHR system has been designed and built upon the newest Federated Electronic Health Record requirements and regulations.
Safe And Secure EHR
Ultimate security and reliability when using HiArc EHR system. HiArc’s Electronic Health Record is fully HIPAA complaint and complete ...
Interoperability in EHR
You and your patient’s data are safe and secure in our servers. We are HIPAA compliant and use advanced encryption to protect your privacy.
Standard Conformance of HiArc EHR
HiArc Electronic Health Record is a web-based EHR System.